Leaving home

Leaving homePreparing to go on a trip is a nice experience, a wonderful chance to organize, to keep things simple, to sort the stuff you want to take with you and to distinguish between nice to have and must-haves.

You can surprise yourself dreaming with your eyes wide open, thinking about the wonderful places you are about to see, you count the days and the hours until that day comes.

It is that feeling of enthusiasm to experiment something new and the desire to make it last longer. It’s like we expect the departure day, but when that day comes, we want to make it longer, to have more time to solve things, to stay more with our family and friends, to have more time to pack etc.

This is the kind of feeling we experienced yesterday when we said goodbye to our few things, to our family and friends.

No matter how beautiful the destination you are about to see, you experience a sort of sadness when you leave your dear ones behind.

It is also a great opportunity to realize how time flies, to enjoy every moment with them, to feel connected. These moments make you realize that no matter the distance or how sad it is to say goodbye, you are still connected with the ones you love. This is a connection knows no limits and boundaries because you take the people that matter with you.

After all, it’s a cocktail of feelings with many ingredients: enthusiasm, sadness, questions, plans, letting go, new places, new people and more other things that are hard to distinguish and to describe.

An adventure is always about leaving things behind and at the same time about opening your heart to the future experiences, even though you don’t know what to expect.

In the end, we are just expanding our concept of home and we add more members to our family because the world is big but very small at the same time.

Beautiful days ahead,



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