At Seniman, coffee is an art

While we were in Bali, we spent our time in one of the nicest cafes we have ever been, Seniman Coffee Studio. We liked this place for the creamy flat white, which is one of our favorite beverages. We had small talks with the staff, and we came to know more about the coffee industry….

Taksu Spa & Restaurant, your treat in the middle of the nature

In Ubud, people pay a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle, starting with food and ending with quality relaxing services. We wanted to enjoy this paradise as much as we can, so one of these days, we decided to have a treat, and so we went to a spa.

Why you should visit Melaka, Malaysia

We love small and historical towns, there is no secret in that. The narrow streets, the friendly people, the small cafes, the traditional restaurants, the history and the legends of the place, all these invite us in.

A colourful day at Artbox in Siem Reap, Cambodia

We decided to go to Artbox, after seeing some nice photos that other people took there.  Usually, we rent a bike for this kind of activities, but as it was cloudy outside, we decided to go with a tuk-tuk.

What to visit in three days in Singapore

One of the most amazing places we have ever been to was Singapore. The architecture, the skyscrapers, the politeness of the people, the clean streets, the safe streets, the lights in the evening and the impression that you are somewhere in the future, made this place one of our favorites.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is a Unesco World Heritage Site and also one of the main attractions in Vietnam.  It is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. In Ha Long Bay, there are 1969 limestones rising from the sea and several caves that give the place a unique charm. It is…

Where to stay and where to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a big capital with a lot of opportunities when it comes to cafes, restaurants, accommodation, things to do etc. We stayed in this crowded and crazy capital for ten days and here are our suggestions for you.