An oasis of silence in the middle of the rice fields at Solo Villas & Retreat in Ubud, Bali

We experienced one of the most beautiful moments in Bali two years ago when we come to eat in the middle of the rice fields. It was like magic. Imagine a path in the middle of that green view, with the jungle in the back, with birds, people working the fields and almost no buildings on the way.

We fell in love with that place and every time we were thinking about Bali, we had the image of those rice fields. After spending some time in the center of the crowdy Ubud, we decided that it was time to experience the silence of that green place.

Man working the rice fields.
The rice fields.
In the middle of nature.

We had two options: to go on the paved road or to enjoy a short trekking into the jungle. We decided to go with the second option, so we followed the green path, we saw many ducks, few cows, people working the land and prepare it for the rice plantation, women carrying things on their head, rivers and a small waterfall.

We arrived at a beautiful retreat, called Solo Villas & Retreat, right in the middle of the green terraces. We will leave you with some photos, so you can picture yourself the beauty of this place.

The path near the pool.
Green path.
The view from the room.

The rooms are spacious and colorful, and the beds are very comfortable. They are well equipped with everything you need. You have a nice desk where you can work and a vintage chic furniture. The Wi-fi is the best we had so far in an accommodation in Ubud, and yes, it’s right in the middle of the rice fields. The atmosphere is calm and quiet and as a result, we slept very well here. There are no noises from the outside. They have other guests, of course, but we never heard them as the villas are well isolated. The rooms have also a safe, so don’t worry about your valuables. We felt at home here, so we didn’t even use it.

Colorful room.
Bathroom in the morning light.

The pool has a clear and clean water. You can have your breakfast after or before having a refreshing swim. Or you can spend some time there just reading and relaxing.

The pool invites you in.

The breakfast is diverse and very good, you can choose from having a Western or an Indonesian breakfast. No matter what you’ll choose, the food is very good.

Breakfast by the pool.

We appreciated that they also have a refill system, so you don’t have to buy every single day one, two or more plastic bottles of water.

People here are organized in small communities and so are the people from Solo Villas who are part of the Jalan Kajeng community, and they consciously aim to always give back and to help it.

What we loved most here was the silence and calm that surrounds the villas, the quiet atmosphere and the iconic view of the rice fields that welcome us every single morning. In the evening, you can see a lot of fireflies illuminating your path to the hotel, we even had one on our window.

There are no cars, only some scooters, the restaurants that are nearby are so well hidden in the middle of nature, that you have the feeling of walking in a beautiful movie or in a painting.

But this doesn’t mean that the villas are far away from the center of Ubud. Solo Villas and Retreat is located just 2 kilometers away from it and if don’t feel like walking on the beautiful path, someone from the hotel will drop you there, on one of their scooters, of course.

If you are not convinced yet that this is a wonderful place for relaxation, calm and connection with the beautiful nature of Bali, come and see it by yourself. 🙂 The friendly staff will warmly welcome you.

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