Why you should visit Melaka, Malaysia

We love small and historical towns, there is no secret in that. The narrow streets, the friendly people, the small cafes, the traditional restaurants, the history and the legends of the place, all these invite us in.

One place like this is the well-known Mallaca or Melaka which is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula. This city has been a trading port for many centuries and its development and history were influenced by the Dutch, the Portuguese, the British, the Japanese, as well as other nationalities.

Usually, people say that you don’t need more than one day to explore the whole town, which is true. If you start early in the morning, you can finish your tour by evening, without any doubt. But why to rush? This is not the kind of place where you go and run from one part to another. Melaka is quiet and the atmosphere makes you feel calm, relaxed and not wanting to jump from one attraction to another. But again, this was our feeling, maybe for some people, one day is enough. We liked a lot this place and you can find our reasons below.

Start your day in a nice cafe

The truth is we are cappuccino lovers and we like to start our morning like this.

Near our hotel, we found this beautiful cafe with friendly and attentive staff. They have a creamy cappuccino and very delicious food. The atmosphere is calm and the Wi-fi works very well. We were able to do our things, to respond to emails, to post articles on our blog and to have Skype calls. As we didn’t have breakfast included at our stay, well, we wanted to find a nice place nearby where we could eat, as the first meal of the day is very important for us. And we found it. 🙂 Their name? The Old Mark.

Actually, the sausage and the ham is made with chicken meat.
Creamy cappuccino.
Our kind of office.
Some pasta with chicken breast?

Continue with a fresh watermelon

In Melaka, you can have a watermelon all for yourself. They cut it, blend it and they give it to you as any other juice you would buy on the street. As simple as that!

Go to the Historical National Museum

If you read our blog before, then you know that we like to start our visit in a new country by finding out about its history. And Melaka has a great museum for this.

The Portuguese era.  
The Dutch era.
The British era.
The Japanese era.

Yes, they have been under different occupations for many, many years and you can see the influences in everything, from food to religion,  traditions, and behaviors. Everyone has found a voice here and every nationality keeps its specific customs. It is said that the best place to eat in Malaysia is Melaka, because of its diversity.

Take a walk and see some random places

In Melaka, you have the chance to find a lot of hidden gems, so just start your walk and enjoy the day.

… and also some well-known attractions, such as The Red Square, which reflects the history of Melaka, under the Dutch administration, the British colonization, and the Chinese settlers.  This is a vibrant and colorful place, crowded with tourist and where you can experience a carnival atmosphere.

The Red Square.

Take your dinner at Geographer and listen to this beautiful lady singing live every Sunday afternoon

We ate at Geographer also in Kuala Lumpur, where was located near the Central Market. The restaurants from the two cities are very different one from the other, but both of them have very good food. We were pleasantly surprised to come here and to find live music and a wonderful atmosphere.

Have a walk on the riverside or take a boat

Go on the famous Jonker street

No doubt, you will get there, as it is full of restaurants, cafes, shops, and of course, in the evening prepare yourself for the night market parade.

If you love sweets, Melaka is your place

Visit the churches from Melaka

Kampung Kling Mosque.
Christ Church.
Saint Peter’s Church.

Last, but not least, are you brave enough for this? 🙂

Ride these colorful rickshaws which play very loud music.
Source photo: Wikipedia

You will find a lot of other attractions, but we decided to see only these ones, as we wanted to enjoy this place in a different way than jumping from one place to another. We were very chill and peaceful there and for sure we would and maybe we will come back.

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Safe travels.

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