Where to stay and where to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a big capital with a lot of opportunities when it comes to cafes, restaurants, accommodation, things to do etc. We stayed in this crowded and crazy capital for ten days and here are our suggestions for you.

Gift ideas for passionate travellers

Offering nice and inspired presents to our dear ones is something that gives us joy, but finding something suitable is not always easy. We don’t claim that we found the solution for all of you, but we may have found it for some of you.

The North Face or The North Fake from Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are plenty of shops with The North Face label on their products. We entered in one of them and we found out that a pair of trekking boots costs only 25$. Amazing, right? We just walked away being convinced that they are fake. After a few days, arriving in Sapa, we reconsidered…

What we didn’t know about Buddha

In Thailand, Buddha’s statues can be seen in the streets, in temples, in shops and pretty much everywhere. But there are many things that we, as travelers, don’t know about Buddha’ s life. Who was him, what was so special about him, how did he built this kind of spirituality, which is Buddhism? Yesterday we…