Where to stay and where to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a big capital with a lot of opportunities when it comes to cafes, restaurants, accommodation, things to do etc.

We stayed in this crowded and crazy capital for ten days and here are our suggestions for you.

Where to stay

Our first hotel in Hanoi was Golden Diamond Hotel. It is a small hotel, located near the Old Quarter, with spacious and affordable rooms.

We liked it, but not as much as we liked Golden Palace Hotel. This hotel was located near nice restaurants, in a nicer part of the Old Quarter. We were delighted by their services and if you are traveling on a budget, maybe you should think about allowing yourself a nice treat in this hotel.

Standard room.
Superior room.

We came here after spending two nights at Lantern Dorm Hostel, located in the heart of Old Quarter. It was our first shared room ever, with more than 20 beds. It was very clean, with nice staff, with a nice bar and a restaurant in the same building. We really liked it, it was a nice experience, the staff is very friendly and helpful. 

The shared dorm.
The bar.
The restaurant.

Where to eat and drink

We found some pretty nice places in Hanoi where we used to spend our time.

Highway 4 is more like a pub than a restaurant with an outstanding menu. It’s a very nice for a snack and for a drink, the manager is super friendly and he has a lot of suggestions and nice stories to share.  We ate here cockroaches while enjoying a beer.  We tried the one located in front of Golden Palace Hotel. There are four of them located in Hanoi.

Lantern restaurant has a variety of food, both with meat and vegetarian. We ate a lot here, mostly because it is located near Golden Diamond Hotel and it is the restaurant of Lantern Dorm Hostel. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, they have good Wi-fi and delicious dishes. 

Green Farm restaurant is located near Golden Diamond Hotel. It is a very nice one, with friendly staff, and a lot of food options. The food is very good, the staff is very nice and friendly. We ate here three times and we had a special treat everytime. They are proffessional and you really have the feeling that they care about their customers. 

Dong Phu restaurant is a very elegant restaurant. We ate there once, they have very good food and a delicious Vietnamese coffee. 

An Nam Parlour is a chill cafe with many handmade products for sale. It is not crowded and it is a very good place if you want to work or if you have to concentrate while doing some work. They have a very good Wi-fi and a chill atmosphere. We went there two times just to have a coffee and to wnjoy a chill atmosphere. 

Dom Duck is a small restaurant where the specialty of the house is the duck cooked in different ways. We always had a treat on the part of the house when we went there. The manager is attentive and nice to his clients, he even explains you about the dishes, what to eat and how to combine the food. 

Xofa Cafe, last but not the least. It was our place to be in Hanoi. In our last days there we went daily at Xofa. Their food is delicious, their cappuccino is creamy and the atmosphere is chill. We absolutely loved it and we already miss that place. It is located near the Military Museum and near The Fine Arts Museum. Think of us if you get there. 🙂

Christmas is coming at Xofa.

Xofa cappuccino.

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