Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Halong Bay is a Unesco World Heritage Site and also one of the main attractions in Vietnam.  It is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. In Ha Long Bay, there are 1969 limestones rising from the sea and several caves that give the place a unique charm. It is believed that millions of years ago prehistorical people lived there.

We asked for offers, compared prices, read the reviews for the travel agencies and in the end, we decided to go only for one day instead of two (or more) for three main reasons:

  • on the second day, the travel agencies offer a cooking class on board and we’ve already attended one.
  • we slept previously on a boat and it wasn’t our best experience.
  • too much money especially for the second day. 

We chose the King Dragon Travel agency, that offered the same exact tour for one day as the others for two days. The tour was very pleasant and we recommend them.

So, about the experience, we were so glad that we decided to go. It was amazing, wonderful, even on a cloudy day.

It was like having a trip on the boat in the mountains. Sincerely, as silly as it may sound, at a certain point I was expecting to see some dragons flying in the sky. I know, too much Game of Thrones. 🙂

The cave we visited was amazing. Maybe that’s why it is also called The Amazing Cave. 

The view was absolutely breathtaking and the trip wasn’t as tiring as we expected.

Ha Long Bay is totally worth it. And if you have the chance to see it on a sunny day, even better. Choose wisely your travel agency and book the trip.

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Safe travels.

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