What to visit in three days in Singapore

One of the most amazing places we have ever been to was Singapore. The architecture, the skyscrapers, the politeness of the people, the clean streets, the safe streets, the lights in the evening and the impression that you are somewhere in the future, made this place one of our favorites.

We spent only three days here and we visited some beautiful and interesting places.

Here is our Singaporean experience

Start your visit at the National Museum where you can have a better understanding of its history. You will soon find out that Singapore wasn’t always a beautiful place and that people struggled a lot to get to where they are today. We arrived there at 2 PM, just in time for a free guided tour with a very nice lady that made us feel like we were in a filmed documentary. Search on the Internet the dates and hours for this free tour. It is totally worth it. We paid an entrance fee of 15 S$, but you can also choose to see all the galleries for a higher price. If you choose to walk to the National Museum, there is a beautiful park, that seems like a botanical garden. Maybe you want to see it, too.

The beautiful park.
Figurine from the National Museum.

After visiting the museum, we went to the Botanical Garden. You can visit it for free, there is a 5 S$ fee entrance only if you want to visit the Orchid Garden, which is absolutely beautiful and colorful. Of course, there are also many others there that are amazing, as well. All you need is time to admire them, an umbrella for the sun and in case it will rain, a pair of comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. Enjoy your walk in the green paradise.

Take an evening walk in the center of the city and admire the beautiful architecture of this place. Here are some of the most popular must see in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, the Merlion (their symbol), Esplanade Theatre and other nice and breathtaking skyscrapers. You can have a boat trip for approximatively 30 S$.

Marina Bay Sands.
The Flyer.

Of course, if you are in the center of the city, you will want to see Gardens by the Bay. Usually, in the evening, there are some light shows. You can look for the hours on the Internet. The access is free unless you don’t want to walk the bridge built between them, in which case, you have to pay 8 S$ for 15 minutes.

Gardens by the Bay.
Gardens by the Bay.

Visit Little India and feel their culture. Singapore is the place where many cultures have found their voices, so here you can see a lot of people from India, wearing traditional clothes, listening to their music, praying in their temples and eating food like they used back home. We love Indian food, so we were more than excited to visit Little India.

Another cultural place in Singapore is China Town. Prepare yourself for the crowd, lots of things to shop, red colors and lights and of course, Chinese food. Go to Hawker Chan, the only restaurant in the world with a Michelin star where you can eat for no more than 3-5 S$.

Have a walk on the Arab street. As our bus left us there when we arrived it was the only time we saw it. We didn’t come back, but of course, you will find there specific things, food and places for the Arab culture.

Singapore is an amazing place, where you have no chance to get bored. The diversity of the place, the people and the architecture of the future will make your stay memorable.

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