Sayuri healing food in Ubud, Bali

We came to Ubud (Bali) after 3 months of traveling through Asia, and we were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of healthy food that we found here. Near our hotel, there was a place that we passed by that looked our kind of restaurant, called Sayuri Healing Food. The open space, the wood furniture, the chill music and the green grass invited us in. We came in, just to be more convinced that this was a nice place to eat and to chill. We were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff and we also saw some raw vegan cakes in their display case that looked yummy.

At Sayuri healing food, people come to work, to eat, to chill, to take a nap, to read, to participate at one of their workshops or simply to be there and feel the atmosphere. You can also buy some nice and healthy products right from the restaurant.

Here are some of their delicious foods

One of the specialties is the raw vegan lasagna. We know it looks amazing. Imagine that the taste is even better.

Raw vegan sandwich.

I don’t usually eat sandwiches, but this is a raw vegan one and the taste is heavenly. It is called Norwegian Style Gravlax Open Sandwich and is one of the specialties of this place. As it is made of “smoked- salmon” which is not real salmon but Papaya which tastes like salmon, together with fresh herbs & caper, cream nut-cheese, lettuce & sprout, raw GF-onion flat breads. Imagine this all of these flavors put together! 

Waffle Special (Gluten-Free Waffle)

This was the highlight of the meal. You just have to try it. It was just sweet enough for a dessert and it also had a fresh taste because of the ice cream.

Eating this rainbow food and having a chill atmosphere made our day.

Cooking classes, workshops, and Raw Food Chef trainings are offered or you can buy one of the Sayuri’s cookbooks to bring it home and experiment with this amazingly delicious food.

Thank you, Sayuri Healing Food for this experience!

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Safe travels.

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  1. Maja says:

    This place look breathtaking, love that open space decor, and I would definitely love to try raw vegan lasagna!

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