Taksu Spa & Restaurant, your treat in the middle of the nature

In Ubud, people pay a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle, starting with food and ending with quality relaxing services.

We wanted to enjoy this paradise as much as we can, so one of these days, we decided to have a treat, and so we went to a spa.

Two years ago when we were in Bali, we had a wonderful and relaxing massage in a room at a retreat in the middle of the green jungle. It was one of the highlights of our vacation, and we wanted to experience that feeling again.

We chose to go to a spa well located in Ubud, and also to enjoy the beautiful nature, and we found it. Its name? Taksu Spa & Restaurant. Actually, it is more than a spa, but I will tell you later about this and about their philosophy.

When we arrived, the friendly staff offered us to chose from a variety of oils the one that we wanted for our massage. Also, they gave us a form where we could mark our preferences and where we could specify if we have health problems.

We left the reception only for entering in a green paradise. Remeber the trees from Avatar? It was almost the same view, with the tall trees, with the vines, with stairs covered in green moss. We were welcomed by two calm and nice ladies, Ketut Dani and Yuni. The room where they took us, had no roof, so we could enjoy the sound of nature and the beautiful green view.

Tha massage was so healing, calm and also firm. The two ladies were very carrying with everything and attentive to our needs.

After the massage, I chose a chocolate scrub, and Cristi chose to go to the infrared sauna. He said that it was the best sauna he had ever had and that he felt refreshed.

The chocolate smell of the scrub was heavenly. All this was followed by a shower in the room that had no roof. The hot water and the breeze from the trees were a perfect mix and a wonderful end of a great treatment.

After this wonderful treat, we went to the restaurant to treat ourselves with some healthy food. Here are the pictures that talk by themselves:

The best Bali Mango.
Cristi and Bali Mango. 🙂
Crunchy Pumpkin Salad – Raw vegan.
Enchiladas- Raw vegan.
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle – Raw vegan.
Cacao Torte – Raw Vegan.

We like very much the philosophy of Taksu Spa & Restaurant. For example, they roast their own coffee, and they even have a shop in Ubud where they sell it. It was for the first time when I saw a machine like this one, and the smell invites you in for a coffee.

Another wonderful thing is that they plant a part of the ingredients and vegetables that they use in the kitchen. Basically, they grab your salad directly from the garden, and they also have a medicinal garden. I think these things say a lot about a place.

The straws that they use are made out of paper and they recycle the oil they use in the kitchen. They gave it to a school that makes biofuel from it, and in return, the school gives them bio soap.

This is how the bio soap looks like.

After eating all these delicious food, we wanted to meet the chef, and to say thanks for this art food. Going into the kitchen, we also found out that they prepare their own pasta. So, these people really give their best to treat their clients from the inside out.

This was our amazing day at Taksu Spa & Restaurant and we are so grateful for meeting such wonderful people that are interested in doing their job as well as they can, in protecting the environment and in taking good care about their clients.

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Safe travels.


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