Where to have a nice haircut in Hanoi, Vietnam

Lately, I was thinking about changing my look, more exactly I desperately wanted to do something with my hair. It was very difficult for me to give it a shape and I was starting to feel sick about the ponytail. The braiding was not an option as it wasn’t that long.

One day, we were in a cafe and I saw a beautiful Vietnamese lady working there with her short and black hair.  In that moment I knew that that was the change that I needed, except the color. A friend of mine, an image consultant, advised me to go for a brighter color for my hair.  Ladies, she is the one you are looking for if you want to change your look, your attitude or your fashion style, no matter your location.

So that I was going to do, get a haircut and change my hair color.

In Hanoi, there are a lot of hair salons, but it was very important for me to find one where the hair stylists would speak English. I think you agree with me that for this kind of change it is important to make yourself understood.

Before the haircut.

After entering in a few, I found the perfect one for me, Cris.NG Hair Salon. Believe or not, the salon was located just in front of the cafe where I saw that nice Vietnamese lady. 🙂

So, one evening at about 7 PM, I decided that I will do it.

Let’s do this!


The guys were very nice and real professionals. I mean, imagine that they stayed there until  11 PM, I was the last client, and they attended all my hair needs.

It was an amazing experience and the most important, I just love the result. I feel younger, I feel changed in some ways, I fell more feminine and more attractive. I wonder why it took me so long to do this. 🙂

So, ladies, if you want to have a haircut, to change your hair in any possible ways or to simply have a treat for your hair, I recommend you to visit Cris.NG Hair Salon.

Here you can see the video with my haircut:


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