Why you should reconsider visiting Sapa (Vietnam) in November

Sapa is a very nice region situated in the North of Vietnam.

Many minorities live here which give the region its charm. You can go trekking, you can visit the villages and you can enjoy the wonderful sight of the rice terraces fields. You can choose an accommodation in a nice hut together with the locals and you can learn about their culture.


Near Sapa is situated the highest pass in Vietnam from where you can admire the green and beautiful terraces.

Our expectations.

Still our expectations.


This is what we heard about Sapa, but we haven’t seen it yet, although we are here for three days now. We saw only the hotel, the museum, and a few restaurants. Why? Because the weather looks like this and it won’t get any better in the following days:


Here we are in November, experiencing rainy, cold and foggy days, being able to see only 5-10 meters in front of us.

If you really want to visit Sapa during November, check the weather and don’t listen to the Vietnamese people. They will tell you that it’s ok to come here, it’s just a little bit of rain, it’s normal for the region, you can go trekking because is not going to rain all day, maybe there will be some showers in the morning, but no more than that etc.

We are not on a short vacation, we travel on a long-term, but if we would have two weeks of holiday, coming here and staying in the hotel it would have been really frustrating.

Woman with her child on a rainy day in Sapa.

After crazy Hanoi, coming here it is a well-deserved break for us. So, we’ll stay one or two more days to just relax, to try new cafes and restaurants, to write for our blog, and do some work.

Our only regret is that we didn’t have the chance to see the beautiful villages and surroundings from here. Maybe next time.

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