Zlatnik Hotel, an amazing hotel with a beautiful history


If you’ve ever been to Belgrade, maybe you’ve heard about Zlatnik Hotel. Otherwise, you will find out more about it after reading this article.

Zlatnik started as a restaurant, where people from different parts of Serbia and also from different parts of the world would come to eat the delicious food enjoying a beautiful and quiet atmosphere. The restaurant was well situated in a quiet neighborhood and the owner used to greet customers himself, making them feel at home.

Zlatnik restaurant was known for its specialties, for the professional services, and above all for the delicious and unique Serbian food.

Part of the restaurant keeps the original 80s vibe.

In 2004, 20 years after opening the restaurant, the owner and his family inaugurated the hotel.

Welcome to Zlatnik Hotel!

You can see the attention to details, from the entrance. The quality of the wood, the wooden stairs, the flowers and the photos with the guests of the hotel immediately catch your attention. People come frequently here, visitors of Belgrade for many years and they always choose Zlatnik Hotel. They appreciate the service, the place and especially the fact that they have a familiar welcoming. Among the guests, there are a lot of actors, royalty, athletes, and politicians.

The rooms are all different. From the colors of the carpet to their arrangement, each and one of them has its own personality.

At Zlatnik Hotel, you can feel the soul of the place.

Every morning, the guests are delighted with different homemade specialties. They prepare their own bread, jams, and cookies. Also, the other products, like cheese are local products. The smell and the warm food welcomes you to the restaurant. A great start of the day.

The place has 37 rooms and a beautiful ballroom for weddings and events.

The wedding is about to start.

The Event Manager putting the finishing touches.

We visited Zlatnik Hotel personally. This is an account of our own wonderful experience of their hospitality.

That’s why we warmly recommend you this hotel.

We hope you found this article interesting and useful.

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Ancuța & Cristian




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  1. Nikola says:

    It’s one of those places that has a soul and an old hospitality feeling, but keeps up with the trends. Lovely place!

  2. Jeca says:

    Nicely put! Even the design, both exterior and enterior, stands out from other hotels. You can definitely have a unique experience here!

  3. Mara says:

    This is an old fashion type of hotel. beautiful place! Its one of the top rated hotels in Belgrade.

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