Top 13 amazing things to do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, best known for its skyscrapers, colonial architecture, charming locals, and a myriad of natural attractions.

We visited Malaysia this year for the second time and we enjoyed even more than previously.

Here are the 13 places that we find amazing:

Kuala Lumpur Tower, Upside Down House, Kuala Lumpur Eco Park

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Also known as Menara Kuala Lumpur, the tower has a height of 335 meters and has an observation deck that offers stunning panoramic views of the city.  Together with its antenna reaches 421 meters.

It can be seen from all parts of the city and represents one of the best known and visited attractions in Kuala Lumpur.

It can be visited at two different levels, a lower and a higher one. We recommend the higher one, of course. You can see in the pictures below why.

The price for the lower level is 49 RM and for the higher one is 99 RM. For 104 RM, you can add to your visit also the Upside Down House.

Kuala Lumpur Tower.
The lower level.
The highest level.
Kuala Lumpur from above.
The sky deck.
Upside Down House.
Kuala Lumpur Eco Park

It is situated near the KL Tower and it has a forest canopy walkway.

KLCC: Petronas Twin Towers, Suria KLCC Mall, KLCC Park

Petronas Twin Towers

These twin towers represent one of the most iconic sights in the world, being also the tallest ones in the world. So here are already two reasons for which you should visit them or at least go and see them from outside.


Nearby, you can find Suria KLCC Mall and KLCC Park.


Of course, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants, and other activities, so don’t worry, you won’t get bored.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves is located outside the city, but it is very easy to get there. You can take the train for only 2,30 RM.

To reach the main cave, visitors must climb a steep flight of 272 colorful steps.

The entrance is free. The are is populated by monkeys, so be aware of your jewelry and belongings.

You should have your knees and shoulders covered, as this is also a religious site.

We encourage you to take the 35 RM educational tour for the Dark Caa. It is a unique experience that you won’t regret, also recommended for kids.

Dark Cave.

Central Market, Sri Mahamariamman, Little India, China Town

We stayed in Little India, more exactly at Big M.

The photo was taken from the hotel terrace.
The photo was taken from the hotel terrace.
The photo was taken from the hotel terrace.

In Central Market you can find almost everything, starting with food, accessories, and paintings

Sri Mahamariamman is a Hindu temple, bets known for its beautiful and colorful architecture.

The Night Market from Chiana Town is an experience you should try, especially if you are visiting this kind of market for the first time.

Little India is an area from Kuala Lumpur with music, restaurants, flavors, and atmosphere specific to the Indian culture.

If you go there, we recommend you the following places where you can eat and drink: Betel Leaf, Geographer și Lokl Coffe.

Thai breakfast and cappuccino at Lokl.

Islamic Art Museum și National Mosque of Malaysia

Islamic Art Museum is a must see, from our point of view. Through art one can understand better a culture and the history of the people.  Few minutes of walking, you can find the National Mosque of Malaysia. Women are not allowed and we didn’t enter at all (Cristi didn’t want to). We don’t have photos with it, but it is better for you to know that is near the Islamic Art Museum.

This was our experience in Kuala Lumpur. We really enjoyed it and if we would have stayed here for another week, for sure you could have found new places and things to do.

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Safe travels.

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