Things to do in Bali

Known as one of the world’s best holiday destinations, Bali needs no introduction. It is our favorite place so far, where we feel at home.  In the last 1 year and a half, we spent 4 months there and finally, we put together the amazing things that we’ve tried in Bali so far.

Pura Besakih

Pura Besakih is considered to be The Mother Temple of Bali and it is one of the best-known temples in Bali.

Mount Batur

You can climb it or you can see it from a distance. Either way is an interesting experience to see this active volcano.

Tirta EmPul

Bath yourself in holy water at Tirta EmPul.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Uluwatu temple

Kecak Dance


Traditional Balinese dances

Feel the royal vibe at Ubud Royal Palace

Visit the Royal Temple

Experience a luxury resort

Payogan Resort

Enjoy the waves and the Indian Ocean

Meet the locals and learn about their culture

Arma Museum & Resort

Create your own jewelry while attending a silver workshop, Ubud

We went at Chez Monique and we recommend the place, as the stuff is very helpful and they teach with pleasure the art of making jewelry. You can create everything you want for you or for your dear ones.

Learn how to prepare your own cappuccino at Seniman, Ubud

Seniman is one of the best-known places in Ubud, for its good coffee, friendly staff, nice atmosphere, and good Wi-fi.  You can read more about our experience here.

Make your own beauty products at  Ubud Botany Interactive

The plants and fruits have a lot of benefits for our body, so why not learning how to prepare them by yourself?

Have a yoga class or learn how to meditate at Yoga House, Ubud

In the middle of the rice paddies, you will find Yoga House, a place connected with nature where you can connect with yourself.

Enjoy the rice fields and have lunch at Pomegranate, Ubud

Pomegranate is one of our favorite places. We like it for the view, for the food, the coffee pot and for free Wi-fi, that is running very well. We can spend an entire day there, we can relax, work, eat or do all of them.

Have lunch and a good massage at Clear Cafe, Ubud

Have a chill day at Kafe, Ubud

Known for the variety of food, Kafe is a place where many tourists chill themselves with some organic beverages, with a good cappuccino and delicious food. A must try în Ubud.

Enjoy eating and SPA at Taksu, Bali 

We like very much the philosophy of Taksu Spa & Restaurant. For example, they roast their own coffee, and they even have a shop in Ubud where they sell it. Another wonderful thing is that they plant a part of the ingredients and vegetables that they use in the kitchen. Basically, they grab your salad directly from the garden, and they also have a medicinal garden. We think these things say a lot about a place. Aaand, the most relaxing thing, they have a wonderful SPA in the middle of the jungle.

Eat some delicious sushi at Toro Sushi

Enjoy a coconut at Tukies Cafe

Have lunch at Bebek Bengil, Ubud

A visit to Ubud should be accompanied with a visit at Bebek Bengil, unless you are a vegetarian. This place is one of the best in cooking and serving duck dishes.

Eat as much chicken satay as you want

Enjoy an authentic nasi goreng in one of the traditional Indonesian restaurants

Please avoid any activities which involve animals, including the ones with the famous kopi luwak

We hope you’ll enjoy this amazing island and we promise to update it with every holiday we’ll take there. 🙂

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Safe travels.

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